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First time trying out this #strongmanlog aka “smoker”.. Thing weighs 108lbs by itself, was only able to go up to 140, did a shit load of reps.. Diggin’ the fuck outta this thing!! #rawequipment @equipmentraw #overheadpress #fuckexcuses #ctfletcher

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Oh my lord.. I just bought a strongman log from @equipmentraw !!! Too damn stoked for this!!

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My current situation


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#Repost from @pagekennedy with @repostapp —- If IG flags me for this photo they are bigger Assholes than Kermit #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness

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Meanwhile, in prehistoric Canada…..

No fucking way!


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Things are finally looking better! I can finally go back to having a normal life soon!!

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#armday #bicep #tricep #douchepic

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The Ophidian Trek

The Ophidian Trek

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